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President of the Landtag Brandenburg Gunter FritschNeues Fenster: Bild vergrößernPresident of the Landtag Brandenburg Gunter Fritsch I am delighted to welcome you to our website on behalf of all the members of the Landtag Brandenburg.

It is hard to imagine our lives today without the availability of the internet as a fast and, above all, up-to-date source of information. Not only is it possible to take a direct look at the work done by the parliament – the Landtag has 10,000 visitors a year despite space constraints – an informative virtual tour is also available at the click of a mouse.

Whilst technology is no substitute for conversation, our fast-moving times also demand immediate and uncomplicated access to information. The administration of the Landtag constantly endeavours to ensure that this site is up-to-date and to simplify the search system for parliamentary documentation for its users.

Whilst surfing, perhaps our internet presence will even inspire you to pay a personal visit to the Landtag!

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The 88 Members of the Brandenburg Landtag
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Under Article 75 of the Land Constitution, bills may be brought before parliament by Members of the Landtag, the Land Government and the residents of the Land in the form of Popular Initiatives and Petitions to Initiate Legislation.
Legislative Procedures