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View of the new Landtag buildingView of the new Landtag building

New Landtag Building

In May 2005 the Landtag of the Land of Brandenburg decided to have the new Landtag building erected on the site of the Alter Markt in the city centre of Potsdam. Under a traditional guise but with a modern inner life, the emerging structure offers a self-assured and open setting for parliamentary work.

The Plenary ChamberLandtag Brandenburg

A-Z of Members (German)

You will find all the members of the Brandenburg Landtag listed here in alphabetical order.

Briefeinwurf in Briefkasten für den Petitionsausschuss des Landtages


According to Article 24 of the Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg, every person has the right, "jointly or individually, to approach the Landtag, the municipal self-governing bodies and any other state or municipal authority with ideas, criticism and complaints.

Study Commission 5/1

“Reappraisal of the history and consequences of the SED dictatorship and the transition to a democratic constitutional state in the Land of Brandenburg”

Study Commission 5/2

on “Local and Land government - citizen-oriented, effective and fit for the future - Brandenburg 2020”



Landtag Brandenburg, Hausanschrift
Alter Markt 1
14467 Potsdam
Telefon: +49 (331) 966 -0
Fax: +49 (331) 966 -1210
Landtag Brandenburg, Postanschrift
Postfach 60 10 64
14410 Potsdam

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