The Referendum

If the Landtag fails to comply with an admissible Petition to Initiate Legislation within two months, a referendum takes place within a further three months.

All citizens are entitled to vote who

  • have attained the age of 16 and
  • have habitually resided in the Land of Brandenburg for at least one month and
  • are not excluded from the right to vote.

Those persons are exempted who have no right to vote as a result of a judicial sentence, have an appointed carer to look after their affairs, or are in a psychiatric hospital due to the commission of an illegal act while not criminally responsible or in a state of diminished responsibility.

The electoral area is the Land, which is divided into electoral districts and constituencies in the same way as for elections to the Landtag.

A draft bill or any other bill is adopted by referendum if the majority of voters give their assent. This majority must be at least one fourth of those persons entitled to vote, however.

In the case of referenda on constitutional changes or the dissolution of the Landtag, two thirds of voters, but at least one half of those entitled to vote, must have given their assent.