The Administration of the Landtag is a service provider for the parliament and the citizens of the Land of Brandenburg. Its key task is to ensure that the parliamentary business runs as smoothly as possible and to create the organisational, staff-related, technical and material conditions for enabling the work of the Members of Parliament in the Landtag, insofar as such work is not the responsibilities of the groupings. Its tasks also include responding to the concerns of citizens who approach the Landtag as efficiently as possible in the scope of the legal possibilities and managing the public relations of the parliament appropriately.


The President of the Landtag acts as the public representative of the parliament. She appoints and dismisses the parliamentary staff. During absences, the President is represented in the exercising of her duties by the Vice President. She exercises the right of access to and oversees the policing of the parliament. The permanent representative of the President in the Administration of the parliament is the Director.

Departments P and V

The Landtag is divided into two departments, department P (the parliament) and department V (the administration). These two departments are divided into various working areas known as divisions:

  • Division P1: Plenum, Presiding Committee, Parliament, Parliamentary Office
  • Division P2: Committee Service
  • Division P3: Secretariat of the Petitions Committee
  • Division P4: Shorthand Writer’s Service
  • Division P5: European Affairs and Information Services
  • Division V1: Members’ Affairs
  • Division V2: IT Services and Security, Communications Technology
  • Division V3: Organisation, Budget, Coordination, Buildings Management
  • Division V4: Legal Affairs, Personnel

Staff Unit Public Relations, Press, Protocol

The work of the President of the Landtag is coordinated in the organizationally independent Staff Unit. The press office is also located here. It provides journalists from all media with up-to-date information about parliamentary affairs. The Staff Unit also handles matters relating to the national and international protocol. Parliamentary public relations and visitor services are also located here.

Parliamentary Advisory Service

The Landtag has established a Parliamentary Advisory Service, the task of which is to provide the President of the Landtag, the committees and other bodies, including the groupings, with advice on legal matters. Upon request, the Parliamentary Advisory Service also compiles reports and statements of position on draft legislation and other parliamentary initiatives.

Further information on the Parliamentary Advisory Service (in German)

State Parliament Office in Brussels

The State Parliament Office for Brandenburg in Brussels establishes contact with the institutions of the European Union (EU) for the Landtag.

The State Parliament Office is situated at the centre of the European Quarter in Brussels, the location of the majority of the EU institutions. The State Parliament office in Brussels supports the Members of the Landtag and the groupings in the areas of European policy and European law. In this respect, it functions as a point of contact for EU affairs.

Further information on the State Parliament Office in Brussels