Committee meetingCommittee meeting
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Committees are parliamentary bodies whose main duty is to prepare for the rulings of the Landtag.

Their orders are issued by the Landtag. They may address issues on their own initiative, however, and submit draft bills, motions and motions for a resolution to the Landtag. The number of members on a committee is decided on the recommendation of the Presiding Committee of the Landtag. The Presiding Committee comes to an agreement on the committee chairmen and deputy chairmen allocated to a parliamentary group. The committee chairman and his deputy are then elected by the committee after being nominated by the eligible parliamentary groups. The committee members and deputies are appointed by the parliamentary groups.

Every Parliamentary Group has the right to be represented on every Committee by at least one member. An independent member has the right to work on a committee with a right to vote (Article 70 Land Constitution).

With the exception of the Petitions Committee, the Committees in the Landtag Brandenburg meet in public.

Committees at a glance

Main Committee A1 (in German)

Committee for Internal and Municipal Affairs A3 (in German)

Committee for Legal Affairs A4 (in German)

Committee for Education, Youth and Sport A5 (in German)

Committee for Science, Research and Culture A6 (in German)

Committee for Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection A7 (in German)

Committee for Economic Affairs, Work and Energy A8 (in German)

Committee for Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection A9 (in German)

Committee for Infrastructure and Regional Planning A10 (in German)

Committee for Budget and Finance A11 (in German)

Committee for Budgetary Control A12 (in German)

Committee for European Affairs and Development Policy A13 (in German)

Committee for Scrutiny of Elections (in German)

Special Committees

Furthermore, in the 7th legislative a BER Special Committee on issues concerning the construction of the new BER Airport in Berlin has been set up.

BER Special Committee (in German)