Conditions of use for viewing the live stream

The Landtag Brandenburg broadcasts public meetings of the plenum, committees and bodies as well as other selected events at the Landtag via live stream on the Landtag website.

The Landtag Brandenburg holds the rights of use to these streams. For the purposes of political reporting, the video footage can be used to a reasonable extent for:

  • Press releases
  • Media publications
  • Internet and multimedia publications.

This applies to both private, non-commercial purposes and to non-commercial purposes in the area of political education. Use which extends beyond this for commercial purposes, especially for advertising purposes, is not permitted.

Any editing, transformation or manipulation of the images and/or sounds which extends beyond colour corrections, cropping and reductions in size is inadmissible and only permitted with the prior written consent of the Landtag Brandenburg. Likewise, picture and/or sound may not be reproduced in a distorted context.

A distortion of the recordings in picture, word and/or any other form by conventional or electronic means is not permitted. The user is responsible for the text.

In particular, the media are obliged to observe the journalistic principles of the German Press Council (Press Code). The consent to the use of the photographic material does not include the assurance that the persons depicted, the owners of the rights to the depicted works or the holders of trademark and other industrial property rights have given their consent to a public reproduction. The user is solely responsible for obtaining the consent of third parties which may be required in individual cases. S/he must observe the personal rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other property rights of the persons, works, objects or signs depicted. If such rights are disregarded, the user alone shall be liable for damages to any third party.

When using the image or sound material, the source “Landtag Brandenburg” must be stated. This also applies to electronic publications such as websites. The Landtag Brandenburg reserves the right to make the provision of further information obligatory.

Disclaimer for recordings with interpreting

The interpreting service serves the purpose of facilitating oral communication and does not constitute a verbatim record or a translation of what has been said. This also applies to sign language interpreting. Only the original speech and/or its verified translation are binding. Interpreters are not liable for the performance of their duties.