RegHub – Network of Regional Hubs for the evaluation of EU policy implementation

Logo of the Network of Regional Hubs (RegHub)Logo of the Network of Regional Hubs (RegHub)
Quelle: European Committee of the Regions
The “Network of Regional Hubs” (RegHub) is a platform for integrating the experiences of key local and regional actors with regard to the implementation of EU law.

The aim of the project is to use the RegHubs to provide bundled information on implementation difficulties in the application of EU law at the regional and local level. Since around two-thirds of EU legislation is implemented at regional level, the regions play a central role in the practical implementation of EU law. Regions, municipalities and towns therefore have valuable experience which is to be recorded through consultations via the RegHub network and channelled back into European policy-making.

Brandenburg has chosen a cooperation model between the Ministerium der Finanzen und für Europa (Ministry of Finance and for Europe) and the Landtag in order to link the different perspectives of a regional legislator and a ministry responsible for the implementation of EU projects as a RegHub.

The network, initially set up as a pilot project (2019 to 2020), consisted of 20 core regions and 16 further so-called associated regions. Due to its great success, the pilot project was consolidated in 2021 to form the so-called “RegHub 2.0”, in which Brandenburg is once again participating.

In May 2020, the European Commission decided to enhance the role of the Committee of the Regions on its new platform “Fit for Future” and to officially make the RegHub network part of this platform.