All Members and the Landtag Administration can be contacted at the following address:

Landtag Brandenburg
Alter Markt 1
14456 Potsdam
Phone: (0331) 966-0
Fax: (0331) 966-1210

To send an encrypted e-mail to the general digital postal address of the Landtag,, please use a mail program of your choice that supports the S/MIME standard. You can download the corresponding key here:

Security Certificate Post Office Landtag Brandenburg

Contact to Members of Parliament

The Landtag Administration provides you with e-mail and telephone contact details for the Members of Parliament if required. Please direct any inquiries to:

You can also contact individual Members directly using the contact forms on the biography pages of the website.

The contact details of the parliamentary groups currently represented in the Landtag can be found in the right column.

Contact Persons in the Landtag Administration

Information Desk
Heike Heiske
Phone: (0331) 966-1260
Fax: (0331) 966-991260

Anja Hebold
Phone: (0331) 966-1251
Fax: (0331) 966-991251

Press Officer
Gerold Büchner
Phone: (0331) 966-1035
Fax: (0331) 966-991035

Presidential Office
Regine Perthes, Evelyn Tietz
Phone: (0331) 966-1003/-1006
Fax: (0331) 966-1005

Post Office
Birgit Preilipper, Elke Hintz
Phone: (0331) 966-1209/-1208
Fax: (0331) 966-1210

Secretariat of Public Relations
Eva-Maria Kraushaar
Phone: (0331) 966-1288
Fax: (0331) 966-991288

Service Desk
Phone: (0331) 966-1246
Fax: (0331) 966-991246

Parliamentary Documentation
Dr. Anja Wilde
Phone: (0331) 966-1144
Fax: (0331) 966-991144

Secretariat of the Petitions Committee
Monique Herrmann
Phone: (0331) 966-1135
Fax: (0331) 966-1139