Conditions of use for digital image material

1. The Landtag Brandenburg reserves all rights to the photographic material digitally made available on its website with the source reference “Landtag Brandenburg and/or Name of the Photographer”. The digital image material may only be used by the general public for the following purposes:

a) Publications by the media in the context of parliamentary reporting. A distribution by agencies is only permitted with the naming of the free procurement source.
b) Use in the scope of school education, academic research and teaching, non-commercial political education and by publishers of textbooks
c) Public relations work by the political groups and members of the Landtag
d) Public relations work by authorities and institutions of the municipalities, the federal states, the federal government and the European Union
e) Private and non-commercial use by participants in the portrayed events at the Landtag

Any use which extends beyond this, in particular for commercial purposes and within the scope of advertising by political parties, is not permitted. For use in other areas, such as for contemporary historical and cultural projects, the administration of the Landtag will grant written permission in individual cases.

2. Digital photos can be used free of charge.

3. If the digital image is to be published, the following source must be indicated: “Landtag Brandenburg / Name of the Photographer”. A specimen copy of each publication by media and publishing companies must be sent to the Brandenburg State Parliament unsolicited and free of charge: Landtag Brandenburg, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Alter Markt 1, 14467 Potsdam.

4. Any editing, reconfiguration or manipulation of the digital images that extends beyond colour corrections, cropping and reductions in size is prohibited. Likewise, the digital image may not be reproduced out of context. In particular, the media are obliged to comply with the principles of the German Press Council.

5. A reproduction of the digital photos beyond the scope specified in section 1 is not permitted. The user must delete the digital pictures immediately after use. The electronic storage of the image data for the purpose of personal archiving or transmission on data carriers is not permitted.

6. In individual cases, the Landtag Brandenburg also uses picture material of third parties within the scope of its website, which is identified with a corresponding source reference. The rights of use to such photographic material must be requested separately prior to publication.

7. The consent to the restricted use of the photographic material does not include the assurance that the persons depicted, the owners of the rights to the depicted works or the holders of trademark and other industrial property rights have given their consent to a public reproduction. The user is responsible for obtaining the consent of third parties which may be required in individual cases. S/he must observe the personal rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other property rights of the persons, works, objects or signs depicted. If such rights are disregarded, the user alone shall be liable for damages to any third party.

8. In the event of infringements of these terms of use, the Landtag Brandenburg reserves the right to demand the immediate confiscation and destruction of the respective publications at the user's expense. In the case of doubts regarding the admissibility of a planned use of pictorial material, a written decision of the Landtag Brandenburg must be obtained in advance. In this respect, please contact:

Landtag Brandenburg
Public Relations
Alter Markt 1
14467 Potsdam

Phone: 0331 966-1250
Fax: 0331 966-1286