Work in the Committees and Bodies

Members to Committee Committee


Blick in eine Sitzung des Ausschusses für Inneres und Kommunales.

Committees are parliamentary bodies whose main duty is to prepare for the rulings of the Landtag. Their orders are issued by the Landtag. They may address issues on their own initiative, however, and submit draft bills, motions and motions for a resolution to the Landtag.


Council for Sorb (Wend) Affairs, G 10 Commission, Parliamentary Control Commission (PKK)


Briefeinwurf in Briefkasten für den Petitionsausschuss des Landtages

According to Article 24 of the Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg, every person has the right, "jointly or individually, to approach the Landtag, the municipal self-governing bodies and any other state or municipal authority with ideas, criticism and complaints.


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