Committee of Inquiry 5/1

Committee of Inquiry on BBG and Property Matters

In response to a motion from 28 Members (printed matter 5/2100, reprint) and in accordance with Article 72 of the Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg, on 7 October 2010 the Landtag Brandenburg set up a Committee of Inquiry to investigate possible errors and omissions in sales of the Land’s own land and enterprises to the detriment of the Land of Brandenburg and to investigate the responsibility of the Brandenburg Land Governments in this (Committee of Inquiry on BBG and Property Matters).

In order to reflect the size of the parliamentary groups, the seats on the Committee of Inquiry 5/1 are distributed as follows:

SPD 3 Members
DIE LINKE 3 Members
CDU 2 Members
FDP 1 Member
GRÜNE/B90 1 Member

The Members elected Sören Kosanke (SPD) to chair the Committee of Inquiry.

Members, dates of meetings and agendas of Committee of Inquiry 5/1 (German)

A Committee of Inquiry is an auxiliary body of the Landtag designed to exercise the latter’s right of inquiry; it acts first and foremost as a parliamentary control of the government. It is meant to discover who is responsible for grievances. Committees of Inquiry must be set up if requested by one fifth of Members (Article 72 Land Constitution).

The specific rights of the Committee of Inquiry include the taking of evidence, the submission of files by, and the right of access to, all authorities under the control of the Land, the request for permission to give evidence, the application for courts to enforce administrative orders vis-à-vis witnesses and experts, and the interrogation, questioning and swearing in of witnesses and experts. The responsible court will order seizures and searches at the request of the chairman (§§ 15 ff. Committee of Inquiry Law).