Legal Bases

Legal Bases of the Landtag BrandenburgThe parliamentary work of the Landtag is based on numerous legal bases.

The work of the Landtag Brandenburg is based on a multiplicity of legal bases and regulations. The most important basis for parliamentary work is the Land Constitution.

The Landtag adopted the draft of a Land Constitution on 14 April 1992. The people of Brandenburg approved the Constitution in a referendum on 14 June 1992. The Constitution is published in the Official Gazette I p. 298, dated 20 August 1992. It was last amended by the Act dated 18 March 2015.

In addition, at the beginning of each parliamentary term the Landtag issues its rules of procedure, which regulate all the details of parliamentary work.

Laws of particular relevance for the parliamentary work of the Landtag can be retrieved digitally at in the respective current and historical version.