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According to Article 24 of the Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg, every person has the right, “jointly or individually, to approach the Landtag, the municipal self-governing bodies and any other state or municipal authority with ideas, criticism and complaints. There shall be a right to an official reply within a fair and reasonable period of time.”

Anyone who does not agree with measures or decisions taken by Land agencies or by agencies subject to the control of the Land may contact the Petitions Committee of the Landtag. The committee will review the decisions and – if necessary – work towards changing, nullifying or even enacting a decision that remains pending. However, the committee does not have the authority to give directives to the agencies and can only recommend that they take or refrain from certain decisions. As a rule, there is a right of appeal against official decisions; in most cases it is possible to lodge an objection against them. A petition is not a substitute for a right of appeal. The period of time provided for an appeal to be lodged does not apply to the use of a petition to complain about an official decision. The committee is also the appropriate point of contact for complaints about legislation in the Land.

The review of judicial decisions is beyond the remit of the Petitions Committee. Independent judges are entrusted with the dispensation of justice under the Basic Law.

The right of petition is independent of nationality and does not require a person to be of age or to have legal capacity.

The petition system at a glance

The petition system at a glance

Notes on the submission of a petition

A petition may be submitted to the Petitions Committee of the Landtag Brandenburg in writing or electronically. It is important that the petitioners outline their concerns and name the agency or office whose decision needs to be reviewed by the Petitions Committee. Finally, if the petition is submitted in writing it must bear the name, address and signature of the sender. If a petition is submitted electronically, a system must be used that clearly identifies the person of the petitioner. A simple email is not sufficient for this purpose.

The petitions are to be addressed to the Landtag Brandenburg.

Landtag Brandenburg
Petitions Committee
Alter Markt 1
14467 Potsdam

The committee can be contacted on:
Tel.: +49 (0)331 966-1135
Fax: +49 (0)331 966-1139

Members and dates of the meetings of the Committee

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