Welcome to Brandenburg Landtag!

Britta Stark, President of the Landtag BrandenburgBritta Stark, President of the Landtag BrandenburgOn behalf of all members of the state parliament, I would like to welcome you to the Landtag website. 

Brandenburg’s state parliament, the Landtag, is as diverse as life in the region itself: its members come from many different backgrounds and are of a wide range of political persuasions. I would invite you to inform yourself about the members of parliament who are currently serving Brandenburg, and if you have any enquiries or concerns at a regional level, please get in touch!

Well-informed citizens are what make democracy work. You can find out all about the work of the parliament here.

Plenary sessions and a wide range of events can be watched live on our video streams. I would also recommend the virtual tour of our modern parliament building behind the historic façade of the palace.

The Brandenburg Landtag is open to all, and I hope that a visit to our website will encourage you to come and see the parliament in person.

Britta Stark, President of the Landtag Brandenburg


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