Legal Notice

Landtag Brandenburg
Alter Markt 1
14467 Potsdam

Phone: (0331) 966-0

The Landtag Brandenburg is a constitutional body of the Land of Brandenburg. It is represented by the President of the Landtag, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liedtke.

Responsible according to Art. 55 of the German State Broadcasting Treaty: Dr. Mark Weber, Head of Staff Unit Public Relations / Press / Protocol

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The Landtag Brandenburg administration uses the Landtag website ( and the social media accounts on Instagram (@landtagbrandenburg), Twitter (@Brandenburg_LT) and YouTube (Landtag Brandenburg) to provide information about the work of the Landtag and about future events taking place in the Landtag. Information about the work of the parliamentary groups in the Landtag Brandenburg can be found on their websites.

The Landtag Brandenburg requests that statements in the context of communication on these online channels are formulated in a factual, constructive, considerate, respectful, fair and polite manner. Refrain from insults, calumnies, defamatory statements and provocation as well as comments with vulgar, violence glorification, discriminating, racist, sexist, hateful and/or illegal content. Please additionally refrain from spam and commercial contributions.

Please observe the applicable copyright law when publishing content. The terms of use of Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and Google/YouTube apply to the indiviual social media channels.

The Landtag Brandenburg reserves the right to delete statements which violate the rules of conduct stated above and/or break the law. In addition to this, the Landtag Brandenburg retains the right to adapt the netiquette.