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As in the whole of the Federal Republic of Germany, the state structure of the Land of Brandenburg is organised according to the principle of the separation of powers. According to the Land Constitution, the people ultimately exercise state authority. The people exercise state authority in elections and referendums and through the governmental bodies as defined by the constitution.

The Landtag plays a key role. As the “elected representation of the people”, as stated in article 55, paragraph 1 of the Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg, the Landtag is at the heart of representative democracy. As the only constitutional body to be directly elected by the people, it represents the people of the Land of Brandenburg and expresses their political will in the course of its decisions.


Members of the Landtag Brandenburg in the Plenary Chamber

The seventh Landtag Brandenburg consists of 88 Members who were elected to serve a five-year term in the Landtag in 2019 by voters in 44 electoral districts and by means of lists of candidates at Land level. The Members monitor the work of the government.

Parliamentary Groups

Parliamentary Groups in the Landtag Brandenburg

Parliamentary groups are alliances of at least four members of the Landtag who belong to the same party, political union or joint list of proposed candidates. They participate in the work of the Landtag as autonomous and independent structures with their own rights and duties.

Parliament Building

Parliament Building, viewed from the south

After 13 years at the Potsdam Brauhausberg the Brandenburg Landtag moved into its new home in the rebuilt city palace in Potsdam’s historic city centre in 2014. In doing so, the Landtag moved closer to the people – in the truest sense of the word.

Visitor Programmes

Visitors at Landtag Brandenburg

The Brandenburg Landtag is not only open to the citizens of Brandenburg, but also to guests from other federal states in Germany and from abroad. The guided tours of the Landtag focus on providing a better understanding of democracy and parliamentarianism.


Versand einer Petition an den Landtag Brandenburg

According to Article 24 of the Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg, every person has the right, jointly or individually, to approach the Landtag, the municipal self-governing bodies and any other state or municipal authority with their ideas, points of criticism or complaints.