Welcome to Brandenburg Landtag!

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liedtke
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liedtke
© Landtag Brandenburg / Stefan Gloede
Dear Visitors,

welcome to the web pages of the parliament of our federal state, the Landtag Brandenburg. On these web pages, you can gain an insight into how the Landtag works and who the members of parliament are who have been elected by the citizens to shape the political decision-making in Brandenburg. You can find out about the draft legislation and motions that are submitted to the Landtag. You can follow our plenary sessions and the meetings of the specialized committees in live streams, or read about the debates that preceded the resolutions of the Landtag in the minutes of the plenary sessions and committees. On these pages, you can also find out how the citizens of Brandenburg get to help shape politics in the federal state of Brandenburg with forms of direct democracy, such as petitions or popular initiatives.

I am pleased that we are able to extend invitations to so many interesting offers for political education that provide children and young people with an insight into the parliamentary process, that invite them to debate and argue, and that convey democratic values in a lively way.

The Landtag Brandenburg is an open house. Guided tours for visitors, discussions with members of parliament, exhibitions, events and our “Kunst im Landtag” (Art in the Landtag) series are part of the lively everyday life of our parliament, and invite you to make a visit.

I very much hope that you enjoy visiting our website and look forward to receiving your suggestions on how we can further develop our digital communications with our citizens.

Inform yourself, allow us to inspire you, and come and visit us in the Landtag. Thank you for your interest.

With best regards,
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liedtke, President of the Landtag Brandenburg