Audio tour of the Landtag Building

The audio tour of the Landtag Brandenburg building illustrates key elements of parliamentary work in a compact and descriptive manner while linking this work to a variety of information about the history, architecture and furnishings of the building.

Across a total of 16 stations, visitors can explore all publicly accessible areas of the building using an independent walking tour on their smartphones. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to borrow an audio guide device free of charge from the reception desk.

1. Welcome 
Location: foyer, reception desk

2. Model of the Landtag 1: History of the building
Location: foyer, model of the Landtag

3. Model of the Landtag 2: New building         
Location: foyer, model of the Landtag

4. Eastern staircase  
Location: ground floor, bottom of the eastern staircase

5. Consultation rooms     
Location: first floor, top of the eastern staircase

6. Window view: Petition Lime Tree (Bittschriftenlinde)
Location: first floor, sofa in front of the window

7. Lobby 
Location: first floor, lobby

8. Plenary chamber    
Location: first floor, lobby, monitor in front of the plenary chamber

9. The white eagle in the lobby
Location; first floor, lobby

10. Knobelsdorff staircase       
Location: first floor, lobby, at the staircase itself

11. Presidential area      
Location: first floor, on the western staircase

12. Window view: Wrestler Colonnade (Ringerkolonnade) and the Flag Staircase (Fahnentreppe)
Location: first floor, sofa in front of the window

13. Visitors’ gallery, parliamentary public relations    
Location: second floor, top of the western staircase

14. Press coverage    
Location: second floor, in front of the press rooms and rbb broadcasting service

15. The third floor
Location: third floor, on the eastern staircase

16. Fortuna Gate (Fortunaportal), Art in Architecture (Kunst am Bau)
Location: fourth floor, roof terrace